We offer hire purchase options on our wide range of electronics and appliances from major brands such as Samsung,Nasco , Midea and Toshiba. To facilitate our Customers’ shopping experience, we offer free delivery services and after sales services on all purchases. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to it.

Our offers range between 3 and 6 months, and our three payment options are well laid out to ensure our cherished customers are well assuaged.

Deduction at source

Payments Can Be Made Using the Standing Order/Instruction Agreement with your bankers. Your payment will be deducted directly from your account into our account on your specified dates. Applies to All Employed Customers. T&C Apply

Direct Payment

Limited to Customers in the formal sector who operate Current Bank Accounts. Monthly Payments can be made through Pre-dated/Post Dated cheques. *you will be notified before your cheques are presented for payment.


Designed Specially for Customers in the informal sector. We reserve your desired product until payment has been completed;The Product is ‘laid-away’ and is secure from other potential buyers.